A Chapter Closes, Another Begins [ April 10, 2011, 8:33 pm ]

Nine years ago I began this blog. I had no idea what I was getting into. I had just read about this new thing called "blogging" in Rolling Stone and all I knew was that a lot of rockstars were doing it. I was a sophomore at NMU and I thought I had a lot to share with the world. I did. I still do. However, this site isn't exactly what I want it to be anymore.

While this blog has seen a metamorphasis of sorts for myself, the website doesn't do what I want or need it to. A lot has happened to me in the past nine years: I've navigated my way through some interesting social situations, graduated from Northern Michigan University, explored what it means to live in the "real world', attempted to figure out what love is, gotten into and graduated from a Masters Program (still my proudest accomplishment to date), found my voice as a writer, stood up for myself in more ways than I could have imagined and truly grown. This blog is a time capsule of the past decade of my life. I love it. But it's time to move on and relocate my writing. So for now, the archives will stay up here in case you want to read the insane (and mosly innane) ramblings of a 19 year-old girl. But from this point out, I will be blogging at the following website:

Viva la KP!

I'm excited about this new chapter. But recognize that my Diary(land) will always hold a very dear place in my heart.

Stay fabulous (and follow me at my new blog!),


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